Comprehensive Financial Planning

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Retirement Planning 

  • Now is the time to save and invest for the second-half.

  • Maintain dignity and independence throughout retirement.

  • Benefits:

    • Know how much you need by when and how to get there

    • Plan for a 30-year rising income-stream in retirement

    • Minimize taxes

    • Protect against risk

    • Establish a giving plan and plan for the transfer of wealth

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Financial Planning for the Family 

  • Put a plan in place for the family.

  • Benefits:

    • University expense planning

    • Retirement income planning

    • Save for travel or a real estate purchase.

    • Tax minimization planning

    • Invest for growth

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Business Planning  

  • Translate business profits into personal wealth building

  • Coordinate your tax plan with your financial plan

  • Exit strategy and retirement income planning

  • Give charitably and plan for the wealth transfer

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‘Quick-Start Financial Planning’

  • Get to work on your finances right away.

  • Get a One-page Financial Plan to take action now. 

  • Schedule a meeting to discuss.


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[No Minimum Investment Requirements]

  • Set the goal, create the plan, then invest accordingly.

  • Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) options.

  • Low-cost, tax-efficient, and diversified.