How you can work with us...


A. Comprehensive Financial Planning: 

  • A Look at Everything -- Analysis and Recommendations
  • Protection Plan
  • Education Planning if applicable
  • Goals-based Investing
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Tax Strategies
  • Transfer of Wealth

B. Investment Management: 

  • No Minimum Investment Amount Requirements
  • Goals-Based Asset Allocation
  • Ongoing Rebalancing & Tax Harvesting
  • 'Biblically Responsible Investing'

C. Quick-Start Financial Planning: 

  • 60-90 minute Meeting (virtual available) 
  • Easy-to-understand Advice
  • Actionable Items List
  • Written Recommendations   
  • Follow-up

D. Project-based /Situational Financial Planning:

  • Business Ownership Profits
  • IRA/401(k)s
  • College Education/Student Loans
  • Real Estate
  • Cash Flow Automation
“I’ve been in the financial planning business for 7 years. As a Fee-only Faith-based financial advisor, I help business owners and their families gain financial freedom. It’s a privilege and honor to be a financial guide helping business owners and their families be good stewards.”
— Eric Maldonado, Owner, CFP®, MBA, CKA®