Countdown to Retirement: Strategies for Saving in Your 50s #retirement #aquilawealth

Strategies for saving in your 50s

Many retirees today are redefining the “golden years.” Forget about endless days of leisure. Retirees seek adventure, travel, and new business pursuits. While these changes may redefine retirement, will retirees be able to finance their plans? Today, many people age 50 and older have not begun to save for retirement or have yet to accumulate sufficient funds.

Helping Your Heirs While Helping Others via the Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) #giving

Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT)

A charitable remainder trust (CRT) can be a highly effective financial and estate planning tool. The CRT can allow you to: avoid capital gains taxes on highly appreciated assets, however when income is distributed to the income beneficiaries it is taxable; receive an income stream based on the full, fair market value (FMV) of those assets; receive an immediate charitable deduction; and ultimately benefit the charity(ies) of your choice.

How Small Businesses Can Take Advantage of Tax Reform #TCJA

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017 created substantial new tax breaks for companies of all sizes, but owners of smaller businesses in particular may still be reviewing how much their tax burden could change under the new legislation. The deductions individual business owners can take advantage of and the value of these tax breaks will vary considerably depending on the nature of their business activities, their income levels, and other factors that they may be able to adjust to maximize their tax benefits.

What is a blockchain token? #cryptocurrency #bitcoin

People are just becoming acquainted with the idea of digital money in the form of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, where transactions are recorded on a secure distributed database called a blockchain. And now along comes a new concept: the blockchain-based token, which I’ve been following as a blockchain researcher and teacher of courses about cryptocurrency and blockchain tokens.

Was 9/11 This Generation’s Pearl Harbor? #NeverForget #UnitedWeStand #BetterTogether

There are chilling similarities – but fundamental differences too

On December 7, 2001, a Gallup Poll ran the following headline:

“Americans Say Sept. 11 Will Be More Historically Significant Than Pearl Harbor.”

That December 7th day when Gallop ran that headline marked the 60th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. But it was also just a few months after the September 11th attacks in New York and Washington – when many Americans were comparing the events in 1941 to those that had just occurred.

The "Safety" of Social Security Benefits

It's important for you to pace your claiming strategy in order to get the most money you can.

Recent reports that the Social Security trust fund will pay out more than it takes in—for the first time since 1982—could trigger a rush to claim benefits. Often times people want to sign up for Social Security at age 62 (the earliest they can file) because they fear that the money won’t be there for them if they wait.

Understanding Interest Rates and Your Financial Situation

When discussing bank accounts, investments, loans, and mortgages, it is important to understand the concept of interest rates. Interest is the price you pay for the temporary use of someone else’s funds; an interest rate is the percentage of a borrowed amount that is attributable to interest. Whether you are a lender, a borrower, or both, carefully consider how interest rates may affect your financial decisions. 

Celebrating Labor Day 2018

Give me work, ‘till my life shall end and life, ‘till my work is done

The national holiday we celebrate on Monday, September 3rd is a good time for reflection on why we work and the life, energy, and meaning we derive from it.

Assessing the Health of Your Business 

SWOT Analysis 

Using a SWOT analysis to take a closer look at your company’s internal operations, as well as its position in the marketplace, may help you avoid costly mistakes, improve your management practices, and refine your long-term strategic goals.

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Here's 3 articles I've found helpful in my reading this week, and I hope you will too.

Prepare for a recession but stick with stocks: JPMorgan's Chief Global Strategist

Understanding the FIRE Movement

There is a lot of chatter about the FIRE movement lately – Financial Independence / Retire Early – and you’re probably wondering whether it’s right for you and your family. The real answer – as any competent financial advisor will tell you – is that it depends. Let’s examine the benefits and drawbacks.

A Look at the World’s Largest Companies

Every year, Fortune unveils its rankings of the world’s 500 largest companies – the Fortune Global 500. And the list always creates buzz. Who made the list this year? Who’s at the top? And the “I’ve never heard of that company, what do they do?” Let’s explore the list.

We were featured in today's article -- 5 Smart Money Moves to Make Today With Your New Raise


“I would focus more on the emergency fund if your income is very sporadic or if you’re expecting a life transition coming up,” said Eric Maldonado, a certified financial planner and owner of Aquila Wealth. For example, if you’re expecting a baby, starting a business, or planning to move, it’s a good idea to have a robust safety net.

#AquilaWealth Newsletter -- After defeat, Japan's World Cup team leaves behind a spotlessly clean locker room and a 'thank you' note 

I read these three great articles this week, and I think you’ll like them too.

1. Shimmers: The New Credit Card Skimmers
I like this article because Aquila Wealth Advisors was featured in it. ;)

The best way to avoid credit card "shimmers," which is criminals taking your credit card info when using the chip insert to pay, is to use a touch-free payment option like ApplePay on your phone or the "tap" feature on your card, when paying in person. article feature

 “Aquila Wealth Advisors Owner and Financial Planner Eric Maldonado, CFP®, MBA, CKA®, reassures consumers that the sky is not falling. Maldonado says we shouldn't let fear drive consumer actions, but stresses that timely reporting of suspicious card activity is key to resolving potential identity theft issues. "A new card can always be issued by the credit card company, but this can be a bummer because (all payees) linked to the card will need to be updated," acknowledges Maldonado.”