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The 6 "Hidden" Tax Saving Opportunities Opened Up by New Tax Rules

Learn how the recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act opened up new opportunities that could result in the lowest tax rates you'll ever see.

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  • Discover 6 immediate opportunities to lower your taxes

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The laws are set to expire in 2025, but a new administration could change them sooner.

5 Ways to Build A Better #Tax Plan

You just finished your taxes, but it's not too early to make plans for next year.

It's important that as you build your plan, you think about some strategies to reduce or defer your taxes now or in the future. Here are some strategies to consider helping your financial plan become more tax-efficient:

1. Tax harvesting

Usually, this strategy is implemented near the end of the calendar year, but it can be done at any time. With tax-loss harvesting, you sell off holdings that have a loss position to offset the gains you've experienced from other sales.

The asset you sold is then replaced with a similar investment to maintain the portfolio's asset allocation and expected risk and return levels. It won't restore your losses, but it can ease the pain.

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