#AquilaNewsletter -- 3 Personal Finance Tips, June 13th, 2018

#AquilaNewsletter -- 3 Personal Finance Tips, June 13th, 2018

Here are 3 personal finance tips I hope you find useful in your reading this week:

1. "The Best High-Interest Savings Accounts Online for 2018"
I'm often asked: "Where should I put my savings?"

It depends on the time frame for which you need the money, but for "intermediate-term" savings, a good place to look is online savings accounts like Ally Bank's Online Savings Account. It's currently boasting an annual interest rate of 1.6% and no account fees.

I linked to the article above, which lays out more details and options on high-interest online savings accounts. 


2. "Working Longer Works Better Than Saving More Money for Retirement"

"Delaying retirement, and working just another three to six months has the same impact on the retirement standard of living as saving an additional one-percentage point of labor earnings for 30 years, according to John Shoven, an economics professor at Stanford University, Gila Bronshtein of Cornerstone Research, Jason Scott of Financial Engines, and Sita Slavov of George Mason University." -- From the article linked above.

To me, this speaks to a topic which I advise on quite a bit: Career Planning and Business Ownership. "Working just another three to six months..." sounds terrible for someone whom really dislikes their job, but it's a "no-brainer" for someone whom does work they really enjoy. To do work one really enjoys, I think it's important to be constantly learning in the areas one wants to work in, in addition to setting up a "financial runway" to give one the freedom to "take the leap" into business ownership or a career change. 

3. "8 Financial Rules You Should Break, According To Experts"
I've linked, above, to a Huffington Post article I was quoted in this week.

My quote from the article above:
Today, credit cards have become diverse and effective tools that allow you to “track your spending in one place, increase security and theft protection, and potentially gain cash-back rewards,” according to Eric Maldonado, owner of Aquila Wealth in San Luis Obispo, California. Often, it makes much more financial sense to do your spending with a credit card over cash.

“Make sure to set up a monthly automated payment from your checking account to pay off your credit card balance in full every month,” said Maldonado, “so as to never incur any interest charges.”

I hope you've found these 3 personal finance items valuable, and as always, I look forward to reading your replies.

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My quote from Huffington Post Article: "8 Financial Rules You Should Break, According To Experts"

My quote from Huffington Post Article: "8 Financial Rules You Should Break, According To Experts"